Looking to know the best hair trends in Los Angeles for the year (2023)?

We’ve put together a list of the best hair trends for the new year, so don’t miss this article if you want to follow the trend!

By HairCubed.

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Best hair trends in Los Angeles (2023)

1. The hairstyle (The straight bob)

According to the latest fashion trends, bob hairstyles are popular again in Los Angeles. But contrary to expectations, this season we’ll find straighter and more structured bobs than those that were in fashion last year.

2. The hairstyle (The thick fringe)

Fashion experts predict that thick fringes will make a comeback in Los Angeles in 2023, as they become thicker and more defined to accentuate the look.

3. Blonde hair color

Blonde is not forgotten every year, but for autumn-winter, we opt for a warm, wheaty blonde. Blonde remains timeless and is one of the favorite colors of Hollywood stars.

4. The shag cut

The shag haircut will still be a trend, but it will be worn a little shorter, more boyish. In terms of styling, it will not be plastered or glossed, but rather tousled. The whole hair will be kept a little longer, while the edges will be shortened. The fringe will also be shorter on the forehead.

5. The sixties cut

The layered, wispy cut is also making a comeback. It was all the rage in the 1970s and will be again in 2022-2023. This hairstyle is characterized by voluminous, wide curls. With or without fringes. To achieve this look with long hair, curlers or a hair dryer are used to create curls-a straightening iron works best for shorter strands.