Hair thickening powder, have you heard of it? Have you tried it? Do you want to try it? In this piece, I reveal all about hair thickening powder par HairCubed.

What is hair thickening powder?

Thickening powder or natural hair thickener are classified as natural hair thickening agents. The most effective types of hair thickening powders contain all-natural ingredients including saw palmetto, nettle, and rooibos tea. These ingredients have been used for centuries by native Africans to naturally thicken the hair and promote growth.

Is using hair powder safe?

Styling powders are considered safe for hair when used periodically and according to instructions. 

Can thickening powder give your hair a boost?

Hair powder is a hugely effective and beneficial product for your hair. It’s used to thicken thinning hair, which is great if you’re going a little thin on top.

What is hair powder made of?

Silica silylate, the main ingredient in texture powders, has unique physical properties. Its rough edges allow it to bind to the hair shaft and create a sort of friction between them.

Is there an alternative to hair thickening powder?

Yes, and HairCubed has the solution:

HairCubed has the best hair fibers on the market.

HairCubed hair fiber thickens your hair by three times its normal size, using the latest microfiber technology. The more you brush it, the thicker your natural hair looks! Unlike other products, HairCubed will not damage your hair or clump together but covers every strand instead of just covering the scalp. HairCubed effectively covers fine, thinning, or balding areas while looking and feeling natural. It’s easy to use and works best on freshly washed, dry hair. Shake the can before each use and spray a fine mist into the thinning area. Brush it well for 30 seconds into adjoining areas to enhance the fibers. Finally, spray a light mist of Sealer & Control over the fibers and allow it to dry.”

There are many products and programs to thicken your hair, such as hair thickening oil, hair thickening vitamin, hair thickening cream, hair thickening spray, hair thickening pills, and a hair thickening diet.