Fluff Up Your Hair With Micro Fibers

Keeping your hair in perfect condition combines many elements centered around taking care of your hair and using the right hair products. Tons of products promise beautiful hair. However, the sheer number of products available today creates so much noise that you often end up picking something that doesn’t make a difference. Hair follicle sprays made of hair fibers are made to increase the volume of your hair. These sprays help with thinning hair or hair loss resulting from conditions such as alopecia. Use Haircubed microfibers!

Haircubed Micro Fibers

Hair microfibers are one of the most effective ways of concealing hair loss. They predominantly come in keratin protein-based sprays that you can easily apply to your hair. The spray adheres to your hair, providing a natural fullness that increases your hair’s volume by covering thinning spots.

Give Your Hair An Upgrade

This hair follicle spray is waterproof for up to 5 months, while the sealant that comes with the kit can last up to 6 months. Microfibers work scientifically by utilizing opposing positive and negative charges in natural human hair and microfibers. This is just a sciencey way of saying you don’t need glue to apply them. With just an ionic hair brush, you can create a full head of hair in a couple of minutes.

Getting The Best Results

Achieving a fuller head of hair comes down to selecting a great microfiber and using it correctly. Some important pointers include:

Picking the right color – Haircubed microfibers are available in several shades for pretty much any hair color. Pick a color that matches your hair color as closely as possible for the best results.

Dry is good – Apply the microfiber spray on dry hair because wet hair lacks the adhesiveness for optimum results. In addition, wet hair tends to be clumped up, hindering even microfiber spray distribution.

Moderation – It’s a common blunder to be heavy-handed with the spray to get “better” results. However, starting with a small amount and increasing ever so slightly until you’re satisfied with the results is advisable.

Use a precise application tool – Use the ionic brush that comes with your purchase of hair follicle spray. It is specifically made to ensure the spray sticks while giving your hair natural fullness.

Piecing It Together

Caring for your hair through proper nutrition and following a hair care routine is the first step to maintaining healthy hair. Hair follicle sprays do a great job of restoring your hair’s luscious days. Combining good hair care practices with Haircubed microfibers is the magic formula for looking great all year round.