When it comes to hair treatments, hair fibers are a very effective way of camouflaging hair loss from alopecia and hairline loss. Hair Cubed, a fully waterproof and safe hair fiber, is one of the most popular and effective hair fiber products in today‚Äôs market. 

Like other healthy hair fibers, Hair Cubed is a non-toxic cosmetic solution for several hair loss conditions, and they are made of a similar protein as real hair called keratin. However, most people don’t know how to make Hair Cubed’s Hair Fibers stick when they use the product. 

While it should improve the look of thinning hair immediately, it takes a while to master applying Hair Cubed Hair fiber. Not to worry, we’ve outlined some tips on how to make Hair Cubed’s hair fibers stick properly. 

#1. Always Apply Hair Cubed Hair Fiber to Dry Hair

The first thing you need to know about hair fibers is that they adhere and stick to existing hair by static electricity. For this reason, it is important to apply the Hair Cubed hair fibers when your hair is fully dry to avoid having lumpy fibers when applied to wet hair. 

Besides, if you’re going to use hair gel, you should apply it and style your hair before using this hair fiber product because gel makes it difficult for hair fibers to adhere or stick properly. To be on the safe side and for the best results, don’t use gels with your hair fiber since it’ll only make the hairs stick and leave you with less hair to apply the fiber. 

#2. Make Sure to Apply the Right Amount 

The next step tip on how to make Hair Cubed’s hair fibers stick is always to apply the right amount. If you’re going for a natural-looking result, always apply a small amount for the natural effect you need.

Applying too much hair fibers will make your hair look too unnatural. So how much hair fibers should you apply? Well, for starters, the amount of hair fibers you apply depends on:

  • Hair color
  • Preferences
  • Existing hair condition

#3. Use Fiber Hold Spray 

After applying the hair fibers on dry hair and in the appropriate amount, you can also use a fiber hold spray to keep things solid and make sure it sticks. This spray is a mist created to increase the bond between your hair and the keratin hair-building fibers, giving you a lasting result. 

As with the hair fiber, you should apply fiber hold spray in appropriate amounts because too much spray makes the fiber clump together and fall into your scalp, while too little spray offers little or no fixation. After the spray dries, you can brush and style your hair as the fiber spray retains its strength. 


Despite these factors, you still need to rely on experience, practice, and patience to get the perfect natural look. The more experienced you get with it, the more fiber you can be able to ration properly, especially if you are going for a stronger and bolder effect. As always, apply your Hair Cubed’s Hair Fibers in layers or stages instead of at once.