HairCubed is a company that is fully dedicated to taking care of your hair. We are committed to providing products and services to ensure you do not lose your hair. Some of our product categories include; hair loss vitamins, hair fibers, hair accessories, shampoo, and conditioners.

Our hair fibers have been very useful for curly hair. They help prevent hair loss, conceal thinning hair, and cover low hair volume. Therefore, this article will take you through 4 tips for using hair fibers for curly hair.

What Are the 4 Best Tips for Using Hair Fibers for Curly Hair?

Apply only when your curly hair is dry

For hair fiber to stick to your curly hair, it applies the principle of static electricity. Therefore, to ensure that your hair fiber sticks well on the curly hair, it is recommended that you apply it when your hair is completely dry. 

In addition, to increase your curly hair adhesion, you can use fiber hold spray that will ensure that the hair fiber sticks well with your hair.

Go for the right color

At HairCubed, we have 12 different hair fibers compatible with different curly hair shades. Therefore, when making your optimal choice go for the color that will blend well with your curly hair. 

You can also consider mixing two compatible hair fibers colors to get a unique design for your curly hair. If you are going for two colors, ensure you apply them one by one for excellent outcomes.

Use the right quantities of hair fibers

If you want to have a natural look, it is advisable to just use a small amount of hair fiber on your curly hair. If you apply excessive hair fibers, you will lose the natural look.

However, the amount of hair fiber you want to apply will depend on your personality, hair color, and hair condition. Understanding the required amount for your case will demand experience and patience. You can start your application with a small amount to see the effects before translating it to a lot of hair fiber applications.

Additionally, it is preferable to apply the hair fibers in layers rather than all at once. Apply a layer, knead the hair with your fingertips to distribute the fibers, or simply brush the hair with a rough brush. Assess if additional fibers are required, and if so, repeat until you get the optimal outcome.

Caution is advised with water and moisture

Similar to a hair styling product, water is detrimental to hair. A shower, heavy rainfall, or a swim in the pool might remove hair fibers. If you plan to go for a workout, you need to rinse your hair fiber first. 

Applying a fixative spray may delay the effect of water on the hair fiber, but also the water can remove the spray with time.


If you want to take good care of your curly hair loss, thinning hair, and covering low curly hair volume, then hair fibers can be the best option. However, how you apply the hair fibers to your curly hair affects the ultimate effect of the substance on your curly hair. So, grab your hair fibers from HairCubed and follow the above tips for a better outcome.