Trying to decide on the right type of hair extensions can be overwhelming. There are many different types, and each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. Here’s a quick run-down on each type by HairCubed.

Braided Weave

Braided weaves are a great option for those looking to add length and fullness to their natural hair. They’re often used in conjunction with extensions, like micro-links, or as a stand-alone method of adding length. Braids are also popular because they can be done by yourself at home just make sure you have the right tools!

Braided weaves typically last around six months before they’ll need replacing, but it depends on how much you style your hair. If you wear braids every day or put heat on them regularly, they’ll probably last closer to four months instead. 

Overall this is one of our favorite kinds of extensions because they’re easy to maintain, just brush out gently after each wash and apply moisturizer every few days if needed! If something goes wrong during installation time (such as falling out), all is not lost you’ll just have re-braid everything back together again before going back into place using bobby pins or clips instead.

Clip-On Hair Extensions

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add length or volume to your hair, clip-on extensions are a great option. These are attached right at the root of your own hair using small clips that slide into place. They are also easily removable, so you can change up your look whenever you like.

Fusion/Keratin Bonding

What Are the Different Types of Hair Extensions? - HairCubed

Fusion extensions are the most popular type of hair extension. These are made from a process that fuses synthetic hair with your own, which means they can last up to three months. They’re also easy to apply and remove, but they aren’t always the best option. If you have fine or thinning hair, fusion extensions might not be for you as they do require an additional amount of synthetic material added on top of your natural hair.

It is important to remember that, with any type of hair extension, there is always some risk involved especially if you want dramatic length or color changes in a short period of time.

If this is what you desire then it’s important that you choose someone who has been trained specifically in this area!

Tape-In Extensions

These extensions are also a great option for those who want to add length and volume, but who don’t want to commit to a more permanent option. They’re easy to apply, and because they’re removed by peeling them off the hair strand, there’s no damage that can be done if you decide you’ve had enough.


If you’re looking to add some length and volume to your hair, a wig might be the right option for you. In general, a wig is placed over natural hair and secured in place with clips or adhesive (depending on the type of wig). Some wigs are made of real human hair; others are made from synthetic fibers that can be styled using styling tools like flat irons or curling irons.

HairCubed hair fibers

HairCubed Fibers are the only product in the market that thickens your actual hair rather than just covering up your scalp. Rather than simply spraying, HairCubed is activated by the action of brushing. The more you brush HairCubed fibers, the thicker your natural hair becomes. Once applied, HairCubed Fibers are water, moisture, and wind resistant and won’t come off until you shampoo them out.