For many women, hair is considered an important element of feminity and personal style. However, many people have slightly thinning hair, particularly as they age. And thinning or balding hair often affects men.

If you are in one of these cases, do not panic! There are currently affordable and non-invasive solutions that allow your hair to regain its volume and density: our hair fiber sprays!

Hair Fiber Sprays by HairCubed

Our hair thickening sprays are easy-to-use hair volumizers for concealing thinning hair, for example, in the case of hair loss, or as an effective volume product for fine, thinning hair. It is also ideal for covering grey hair or for gentle, temporary adjustment of the hairline in dyed hair.

The benefits of HairCubed Microfiber spray:

• Simple and fast application

• Hairspray with color particles

• Hair thickening in seconds

• Thickens light hair over a large area

• Available in a range of different shades

How does the hair fiber spray work?

When spraying, fine color particles made from the natural protein keratin stick to the hair. Even thin downy hairs previously invisible are colored and given more volume. The hair also appears fuller overall because parts of the scalp are concealed during use.

When you use it, you will spray the product on your hair by making several pressures about 20 centimeters from your head. Microscopic fibers will cling to your existing hair through an electrostatic phenomenon. This will allow you to densify the sparse areas of your hair and effectively hide your baldness. To ensure that the spray adheres to the right places, spray it onto the hair from below rather than from above. If there is little natural hair, the application requires appropriate practice in order to achieve the most natural result possible.

The hair densifying spray provides a light hold to your hair. You can use it without getting your fingers messy.

Gray hair coverage and volumizing in one

HairCubed Microfiber spray is used in a similar way to a conventional hairspray. The hair thickening particles enclose the individual hairs with a color film, which makes thin, sparse hair immediately appear thicker and denser. The hair thickening spray is also ideal for a quick color top-up in between or for covering gray hair. For an even better hold and to avoid staining, we recommend using our waterproof fixing spray afterward. The hair thickening will last until the next hair washes with shampoo. If in doubt, we recommend choosing a darker color variant.

The volumizing spray is a product capable of restoring vigor and volume to your hair. Restructuring your hair fiber from the root provides a thicker appearance to your hair. It is an excellent solution to hide your baldness in a few seconds, camouflage your scars, and give more volume to your fine hair.

Thanks to HairCubed Microfiber spray, your hair will look better than ever. It will allow you to:

• Strengthen the hair shaft

• Bring volume to your hair

• Cover the roots

Whatever your desire for coloring and your need to cover your hair, you can achieve it since the sprays now come in many different shades.

How does HairCubed differ from hair powder?

Like hair powder, the densifying spray offers an undetectable and immediate result. Both solutions all use keratin microfibers charged with electrostatic energy.

These fibers will coat each of your hair instantly. Neither the powder nor the volumizing spray penetrates your hair and therefore does not clog pores.

However, a few differences between hair fiber spray and hair powder should be noted.

HairCubed Microfiber spray is more water-resistant and does not run in the rain.

Using a spray is easier to access the back of the head. To do this, you can simply use a hand mirror.

It also makes it easy to detangle your hair.

After a few sprays, your hair will be hydrated, shinier, and softer, and any bald patches will be virtually invisible.

You can use the HairCubed MicroFiber before blow-drying, whether your hair is wet or dry.

Try HairCubed MicroFiber today and the range of complementary products and look forward to instantly thicker and more voluminous hair.