You spend a lot of money on your hairstyling tools, so it’s important to take care of them. Here are some tips for how to clean your hair styling tools and keep them in top condition by HairCubed.

Clean the ceramic and titanium hair irons

  • Use a soft cloth to wipe the surface of the iron.
  • Clean with a small amount of mild soap and water, or hair styling gel (avoid getting any water into the electrical parts).
  • Never use abrasive cleaners or steel wool.

Clean the blow dryer

The blow dryer is a very important tool for hairstylists. It helps them style their clients’ hair and makes it look amazing.

It’s very important to keep the hair dryer clean to avoid spreading bacteria or germs on the client’s head or around your salon.

If you have time, you can clean the hair dryer with a damp cloth after each use, but if you don’t have time then just make sure that you clean it before storing it away so that no dirt or dust gets inside of it and damages its internal components over time!

Clean the bristle brush

The next thing you need to clean is your bristle brush. You need a dry shampoo that does not contain any oil or silicone in it. It should be something like Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder, or even baby powder for adults (if you can find it).

A good amount of shampoo is about 1 tablespoon per cup of water. So if you have a large brush, fill up a sink full of water and add two cups of shampoo into the basin with the brush in it.

Once the shampoo has been added to the bowl with warm water, swirl around your bristles until they are covered with suds from head to tip. It will begin soaking some color from them if they’ve been dyed recently so don’t worry about getting them white again just yet!

Next, take out our dirty brushes after letting them sit in this mixture for about 10 minutes (longer if possible). Fill another bowl with cold water and soak each one individually until all traces of soap are removed from each bristle section before moving on to another step: washing!

Clean the curling wand or iron

  • Do not use water to clean the curling wand or iron. The steam and heat from an iron can cause serious damage to your hair, so don’t risk it!
  • Use a dry cloth to wipe away any dirt on the curling wand or iron. If you have access to a damp cloth, that is fine too!
  • A cleaning solution works well for cleaning up any lingering kinks in your hair styling tools. Be careful with how much you add though; you don’t want to end up with dried-out curls!
  • Finally, if it has been a while since your last cleanse and need extra help getting rid of those stubborn tangles or strands of product buildup don’t forget about those bristles in there either a toothbrush is perfect for getting into all those hard-to-reach places without causing damage (if done correctly).

Clean the hair-cutting clipper

  • Take the hair-cutting clipper and use a toothbrush to clean the blades.
  • Use a cotton swab or paper towel to clean the body of the clipper. This will take off any excess hair that might have fallen on it during use.
  • Use a soft cloth to clean the cord of your haircutting tool, being careful not to bend or break it in any way as doing so may cause damage and affect performance. A damp cloth can also be used for this purpose, but make sure that it’s completely dry before using it again!
  • Finally, take another damp cloth and wipe down any visible dirt from the outside surfaces of your haircutting tool (i.e., handle or casing).

How to clean your hairstyling tools?

As a professional stylist, it’s important to keep your tools clean. This is especially true if you’re a freelance stylist and have several clients coming in over one week. Keeping up with cleaning your tools after every client ensures that they will remain sanitary and safe for use on all clients.

You should know how to clean each of your hairstyling tools properly so that they last longer, perform better, and can be used safely on other people’s heads.

It’s best to clean them after every use by rinsing them off with water and storing them in a safe place away from harmful chemicals or potential sources of contamination (like dishwashers). You should also make sure that the blades are sharpened regularly so that they cut hair faster without damaging it too much during each cut!

Hair styling tools are an investment that lasts for years with only regular cleaning and maintenance

Your hairstyling tools are an investment that lasts for years with only regular cleaning and maintenance. This is why it’s important to keep them clean. Otherwise, your tools can get dirty and this can lead to breakage or damage in the long run!

Quick cleaning of hair styling tools is an important part of taking care of your hairstyling tools. It keeps them in good condition and helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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